Jeffrey R. Wangsgard & Associates

Jeffrey Wangsgard is a Certified Public Accountant in Cache Valley, and has been working with a partner for a number of years. After he and his partner decided to split the business and go separate directions Jeffrey started looking for branding and a website for his new business. He had a one month timeline between when he contacted me to when he would be in his new office space. It was time to get started.

The first thing to start on was branding. I did quite a bit of brand research and tried out a few options, and ended up with a wordmark. The font I chose was Alegreya Sans SC. It is professional, clean, and not a common font. I especially liked it because it was designed to be a small cap font. Another thing that I liked about the font was that the “J” in Jeffrey goes below the font baseline. I thought that worked really well being the first character in the wordmark.

I played around with a few colors, and chose to go with teal and dark teal. To add some contrast, I also added in a golden orange color, which actually helps tie in his previous business color scheme. Once we had his branding in order, I gathered all of his branding assets into one package that he could keep at his business, and use however he needed. Some important parts of his package included his logo in different colors and formats (jpg, png, eps), the fonts we used, and the colors listed out in HEX, RGB, and CMYK.

Once Jeffrey gave me the go-ahead, we moved on to some building signage and promotional materials. Jeffrey’s business is on Main Street in Logan, and he had a space where he could put his logo on an outdoor sign. He connected me with a sign maker in town that he had worked with before, and got me the dimensions of the sign. We worked together to talk about materials and his process. Before too long, we had his logo up so everyone could see it. Inside the building, we put up a big window sign on all the exterior windows, and included some instructions to which door was the correct door to go in (it was a pretty confusing space if you enter the building through the wrong door). We got some business cards for Jeffrey and his employees, as well as a tax folder. Jeffrey was officially ready to start seeing clients.

During the same time that we worked on the promotional materials, we also got the website up and running. The website reflected his brand really well. We used the same teal and dark teal colors primarily throughout the website, and used the golden orange color for some buttons to help them stand out more. For me, the hardest part of building a website is getting all the content in order. Fortunately, Jeffrey was able to get me all the content quickly. That was very helpful since Jeffrey knew his own content much better than I ever could. One extra feature that we were able to put on his website is a login to a third party software group that Jeffrey uses for his clients. A client would normally go to this company’s website and login from there, but the company gave us some code that would allow the user to log in straight from Jeffery’s website, then be redirected to where they needed to go. We felt like that would provide a better user experience.

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It was so much fun to work on this branding and website project with Jeffrey. I still continue to help him out with any needs he has with branding. I loved working with Jeffrey, and feel like the work I did for him really helped his business out in many ways. We got lots of compliments from his returning clients on how well the brand turned out and how easy the website was to use.